The RACI Industrial Chemistry group (ICG) conducts technical meetings, seminars, refresher courses and lighter events focussed on CHEMISTRY as practiced on a commercial/industrial scale. Interests include: chemicals' production and processes, waste handling/prevention, quality assurance, pollution abatement, R&D of new chemicals or process development, service industries for operating sites.

Group members are largely graduate chemists (industrial, pure, process, applied) or chemical engineers who work on/in or manage production plants, laboratories, universities, governmental authorities, intellectual property and patent law, regulations, or consulting companies.




 Gary Bowman

(02) 9857 2372

Honorary Secretary

Christine Wasiowych

(02) 9412 8219

Honorary Treasurer

Andrew Jones

(02) 9925 5917


Calendar of Activities for 2009:

ICG Meetings

The Industrial Chemistry Group Committee have scheduled 4 meetings for the year. 

Our next ICG meeting will be Notice of next meeting (14 May 2009) is attached.  Fluorotechnics – From Fungi to the Financial Review… How to convert scientific discovery into commercial success.    presented by A/Prof. Peter Karuso  <<Fluorotechnics Flyer.doc>>

Details of all events will be published in subsequent Newsletters and via email.

This is a most active committee and always welcomes newcomers to the Group.

If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact the Committee Members listed above.

 ICD Awards and Chemeca Awards of Excellence
 Please see awards paper attached containing details for these awards.  RACI members are encouraged to apply.  <<RACI RK Murphy criteria - final version.doc>>

Chemistry in Australia – undergoing renovation!
Chemistry in Australia’s production editor Sally Woollett is currently running focus groups around the country identifying ways of improving Chemistry in Australia.  If you would like to have         your say, please complete the readers survey attached or email Sally ( <> )   <<readersurvey09.pdf>>

The Chemical Engineer – a publication of IChemE
TCE (The Chemical Engineer) is now available on line at    Normally this is accessed by members of the IChemE only but issue No 814 is available free.   RACI is working to develop closer links with IChemE to benefit all members.  Stay tuned. 

National Industrial Chemistry Division

The NSW Branch is focused on re-activating the Industrial Chemistry Division of RACI.  We seek enthusiastic and passionate industry people to take up the challenge and promote their industries in their own home states and territories!

                                                At the ICD AGM at Chemeca the following people were elected to the ICD Standing Committee

Chair                           Dr Gary Bowman

                                                                                                       Honorary Secretary          Mr Keith Quast

                                                                                                       Honorary Treasurer          Dr Andrew Jones
                                                                                                       Queensland Representative  Dr Daniel Roberts

                                                                                                       NSW Representative         Ms Christine Wasiowych

                                                                                                        Victorian Representative    Dr Prashant Sawant                                                                                                    


                        1.     Chemeca 2009 (


                        Engineering our Future: Are We Up to the Challenge?

                        -        Perth 27 – 30 September 2009.

                        -    The RACI ICD is delighted to announce that we have two enthusiastic members on the Chemeca 2009 organising committee;

                                Ewald Swinney (Curtin University & the WA Chemistry Centre)
                                David Udy (Kelly Services Australia)                             
                        -    Closing date for abstracts is 20 February 2009.  Please see website for details.

                        -    Please contact Ewald or David for exhibitor enquiries.

                        2.      8th World Congress of Chemical Engineering (WCCE8) August 23-27, 2009

    `                    -    Call for Papers extended to January 12, 2009

                        -    View the full technical and industrial programs at

                        3.      RACI CONNECT 2010 - Chemistry for a Sustainable World

                        -    4 – 6 July 2010 (Melbourne).
                        -    To be held in conjunction with the 12th IUPAC International Congress of Pesticide Chemistry.

                        -    RACI ICD will be heavily involved in the “New Technologies & Industry” theme.  

                        -    Ideas for speakers and session topics are welcomed



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