The Chemical Education group has about two dozen members who are teaching at secondary schools, TAFE colleges, and universities. The group's aim is to stimulate interest and knowledge in chemistry for all ages, but particularly before tertiary studies are commenced. The group's main activities are organising the high school titration competition at the state level and the Nyholm Youth Lectures for senior high school chemistry students. Each year, a large number of teams (of three) compete in the titration competition, and the Nyholm Youth lectures are presented across NSW during the month of June. The group is currently striving to increase its contact with secondary school teachers and to publicise the resource materials available through the RACI (Chem Matters, Chemistry in Australia, Opportunities in Chemistry, and "The Chemistry of Chemistry" video).


Honorary Secretary

Honorary Treasurer

Alasdair Hey

(02) 9601 1021

Margaret Lindsay

(02) 9476 4738

Jenelle Seaman

02 9630 6311

Meetings this year 2008 - dates all at 5:00pm for 5:30pm start

Monday 25th February - Business  Meeting

Monday 28th April -Speaker  Meeting - Dr Adam Cawley: Catching the Cheats - Drugs in  Sport                              

Friday  20th June and  Saturday 21st June - NSW Schools Titration  Competition


Monday 21st   July - speaker  meeting and AGM
Monday 8th  Sept -business meeting
Saturday 20th Sept -NSW  National Chemical Analysis Finals

Monday 24th  November - speaker  meeting and Christmas dinner  




The Chemical Education Group sells a variety of scarves, ties and tea towels with a chemistry theme.

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