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Elemental Ties

Fullerene Mug

Periodic Table Tea Towels

Periodic Table Scarves

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Periodic Table Ties

Full View - right

Close-up View - below

Elemental Tie (on left)

Navy "Packed" design $33 pure silk. (inc GST)

This design has all the element numbers, symbols and names starting below the knot with the lighter elements and with heavier elements falling towards the base. Different colours for metals, non-metals and semi-metals. Designed and manufactured in Australia.

Elemental Tie (on right)

Navy "Eyechart" design $33 pure silk. (inc GST)

Smart design on very dark navy background. Element symbols of all the elements in order are written in gold, scalet and dove grey for non-metals, metalloids and metals. Designed and manufactured in Australia.


The Fullerene/Emptyrene Mug

$10  (inc GST)


Tea Towel


$13 pure linen. (inc GST)

Colourful periodic table makes a novelty gift for a colleague leaving work.

Printed in New South Wales on natural linen. Makes a nice momento.

Periodic Table Scarves

Scarf $35 (inc. GST)

Delightful soft polyester crepe de chine scarf.

Measures 35 x 150 cm.

Great with suit, jacket or coat.



Close-up view of half the scarf (33K)



How to order

 Send order accompanied by cheque made out to:

 RACI ChemEd Group (NSW)


RACI ChemEd Group Treasurer

RACI NSW Branch, School of Chemistry, UNSW Sydney NSW 2052

Ph: 02 9663 4960


For further information or comments contact: RACI State Office

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