Here in NSW, the Young Chemists' Group exists to bring together students from various institutions and industry who have a common interest in chemistry. We aim to provide a social group that meets throughout the year for lectures dealing with general science, industry tours, the Annual Trivia Night, social activities, and also to support our fellow groups. These activities provide a unique opportunity for post-graduate and undergraduate students to meet one another outside their professional field.



Honorary Secretary

Honorary Treasurer

Dr Joseph Bevitt

0410 628 217

Lance Brooker

Edwina Hine

02 9663 4960

Upcoming Events:

Watch this space for information on activites such as the following to be scheduled for 2008:

Next Gathering of Young Chemists

All NSW RACI Young Chemists (those aged between 16-35) are invited to attend our next meeting.



Why come?
Firstly, it is our hope this year to meet together regularly– from all our different work places and universities and get to know what each of us does. Secondly, there are many things we are going to take part in this year and it would be great if you too could get involved. This meeting will cover much of the planning and brainstorming for many of the activities we will participate in this year.

For more details don’t hesitate to contact Edwina via email 
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