The Consultants and Contractors Group is a focal point for self-employed chemists, or those working under contract laboratories. Through our regular meetings the Group aims to provide information about business topics such as:

Database of Consultants and Contractors

As a service to the Consultants and Contractors Group, the RACI State Branch has established a database of chemical consultants associated with this Group. The purpose of this database is to provide an overview of the expertise available through the Consultants and Contractors Group, and appropriate contact details.

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RACI Consultants and Contractors Group Mission

The RACI Consultants and Contractors Group has as its Mission to support members in expanding the meaningful use of their expertise by :

1. Advising and training via talks, seminars and workshops.

2. Providing a networking environment via regular meetings.

3. Establishing and maintaining a database of Group Members and their interests.

4. Maintaining an up to date Web Site for the benefit of members.

5. Developing and implementing a publicity program.

Notice of Meetings

Dates of the meetings planned for 2007/8 for the RACI NSW Consultants and Contractors Group are TBA:


Meetings are conducted at At Riverside Corporate Park, 11 Julius Avenue, North Ryde
from 5:30pm.


Details will be posted in the Newsletter, and also on this web site, closer to the dates.




Honorary Secretary

Honorary Treasurer

John Eames

(02) 9659 3001

Email: johneames@lqms.com.au

Jane Weder

(02( 9036 7166


Lance Smith

(02) 9838 8294


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