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As a service to Chemical Consultants, the RACI State Branch, in association with the RACI Consultants Group, has established a database of consultants . The purpose of this database is to provide an overview of the expertise available, and appropriate contact details.

To have consulting details included in the Database, consultants need to be a Member of the RACI, but do not need to be affiliated with the NSW Consultants Group.


The Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) State Branch provides this database as a service to the chemical community.

While the RACI has attempted to make the information on this site as accurate as possible, the information on this Web site is for personal use only and is provided in good faith without any express or implied warranty. There is no guarantee given as to the accuracy or currency of any individual item on the site. Persons accessing the site who require confirmation of any information should refer to the consultant providing the information to the site. The RACI does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage occasioned by use of the information contained on the site nor from any access to the site. All access and use is at the risk of the user.

The RACI has provided hypertext links to a number of other web sites as a service to users of this Web site. This service does not mean that the RACI endorses those sites or material on them in any way. The RACI is not responsible for the use of a hypertext link for which a commercial charge applies. Individual users are responsible for any charges that their use may incur.

The RACI accepts no responsibility for subsequent transactions that may occur between consultants and clients or others as a result of using this site.

 Entry to the Database Site to contact a consultant or to add your details requires acceptance of these conditions.

 If you do not accept these conditions, do NOT enter the database site.


I accept the conditions of the Disclaimer above and would like to enter the Database Site.


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