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Robbie Geyer - Coordinator

Laboratory Services Unit

WorkCover New South Wales

5A Pioneer Ave

Thornleigh NSW 2120


 Phone :  61 2 9484 6655
 Fax :  61 2 9980 6849
 Email :
 Web URL:


The Laboratory Services Unit is located at Thornleigh in the northern suburbs of Sydney. It is a specialised occupational health analytical service focusing on the presence of hazardous substances in the workplace and is NATA accredited. Tests are performed on either biological (blood or urine) or workplace(air, dust, vapour, solid or liquid)samples as part of worker or workplace assessments. The main areas of analysis cover exposure to pesticides, metals, elements, solvents, organic vapours, dusts, various inorganic and organic substances including carcinogenic substances. The laboratory utilises state of the art modren instrumental techniques which include; Gas Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, Liquid Chromatography, X-Ray Diffractometry/Spectrometry, Atomic Absorption, Infrared and Kinetic Spectrophotometry. The laboratory staff are specialists in the above areas and have NATA signatory status.

For further technical enquiries contact Robbie Geyer or for administrative assistance contact Sue Northover on 61 2 9484 6655.

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