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The Company was formed in March 2000 following the retirement of Professor Barry Batts from Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. Professor Barry Batts, BSc, PhD, FRACI C CHEM and Dr Judith Batts, BSc (Hons), PhD, AMusA are co-Directors of the Company.

Prior to his retirement Professor Batts spent over 40 years teaching Chemistry at all levels and heading research groups working in the general areas of fuel chemistry, the chemistry of coal, oil shale and shale oil and environmental geochemistry. These research activities were focussed strongly on the needs of industry and in many instances were funded by industry. For the period 1991-99 he was Head of the School of Chemistry and was active in University management, particularly in the Science areas. In addition to his normal university duties, Professor Batts acted as an Expert Witness for a number of cases which involved fuel characterisation or environmental issues.

Dr Judith Batts, a co-Director of the Company, is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Arts and Sciences of the Australian University. Both her teaching and research interests lie in the area of environmental chemistry. Her research is focussed on the application of isotopes in the study of environmental processes.

The combined research interests of its two Directors, developed over 50 years in Australia and overseas, provide the background to the service the company offers. To date the Company has accepted consultancies to several companies in the areas of fuel chemistry and environmental geochemistry. Two major reports have been prepared which have become the basis of Government policy in the area of ethanol blended gasoline. Professor Batts has continued his role as an Expert Witness in a number of cases in the fuel and environmental chemistry areas. He has maintained his connection with Macquarie University and supervises a research group there. Through this arrangement it has been possible to undertake several minor consulting projects based on the analysis of complex materials and mineralogical samples, by employing students and using Macquarie University facilities..

Rather than diversifying its activities, the Company intends to concentrate on utilizing the combined expertise of its two Directors by applying it to:

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