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Curriculum Vitae for the following positions:

- SH & E or Marketing Consultant to speciality chemical


manufacturers and Marketers


- Expert witness to the construction Industry etc.



Noel Godson



Qualifications: Bachelor of Science - Polymer Technology (Chemistry) Honours University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology 1965 - 1968


Completed the first year of a 3 years part time Master degree in Business Administration at Macquarie University - Sydney 1976


Certified Practising Chemist


Formal SH&E and Quality Management Training Courses Attended:


- ICI Australia - Safety, Health and Environment Management - three day residential course, 12th to 14th March 1997.


- Zurich Insurance - Risk Engineering Course - three day residential course, 1st to 3rd May 1996


- National Management Education Centre - OHS & Environmental Management - one day course, 22nd September 1995.


- PACIA - Responsible Care Code Training for New Coordinators - two day course, August 1995.


- Chamber of Manufacturers of NSW - Environmental Management Systems Course - two day course, 9th & 10th May 1995


- P. E. Handley - Walker, ISO 9000 Internal Auditors Course - two day course, 13th & 14th July 1993.


- Standards Australia / Workcover NSW - Pre release seminar on the new issue of AS1940 : Storage & Handling of Flammable &

Combustible Liquids - one day 25th November 1993.


- QAS - Total Quality Management - The Product of an Effective Quality System - one day course, 9th November 1992.





Memberships: Associate of the University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology in Polymer Technology


Member of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute


Member of the Concrete Institute of Australia


Australian Concrete Repair Association:


1989 Steering Committee formed jointly by MD's of Sika Australia and Remedial Concrete Engineering.

1989 to Present - Director

1991 Together with the combined resources of other Corporate Members, Training Courses for Consultants and Project Managers were commenced in the Eastern States.

1992: ACRA Incorporated. Secretary of Steering Committee and Board of Directors from 1989 to September 1993.

1993: September to October 1995, President of ACRA.

1994: Guide to Concrete Repair and Protection commissioned and edited

by ACRA., written by CSIRO under ACRA's direction.

1996 Vice President. Performed the final editing of the above Guide before it was published jointly by Standards Australia , CSIRO and

ACRA. Co - authored one day training course based on content of Guide and delivered at CSIRO locations in Brisbane , Melbourne and Sydney

1997 Vice President

1999 to present: Facilitator of Technical Committee




Standards Australia Committees

Committee BD/33, Chemical Admixtures for Concrete

I have represented ACRA on this committee since 1995 and have also been a member of the technical sub committee for the revision of AS3799 - 1998 Liquid membrane - forming curing compounds for concrete and the revised and reformatted standard for shrinkage compensated grouts etc.





Mr. Don Mackay - Senior Partner, Deacons, Graham & James Solicitors

- Chairman of Sika Australia Pty. Ltd.

- Chairman of Wattle Paints Pty. Ltd.

- Director of Kelloggs (Aust.) Pty. Ltd.

- (02)9330 8000



Mr. John H. Fisher - Senior Partner, Champion Legal - Solicitors

- (02) 9635 8266



Mr. Barry Kimmorley - M. J. Kimmorley Accountants

- Company Secretary, Sika Australia Pty. Ltd.

- (02) 9977 7933






PERIOD - March 1998 to present


EMPLOYER - Incore Pty. Limited - Sydney




Since the mid-eighties, Wolfgang Koenig, of Stuttgart and one of the pioneers of concrete repair in Germany, has spent progressively longer periods each year on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane and together with Thiess Contractors founded Incore P/L in 1988 with 50:50 ownership.


Since that Time Incore has executed the following major contracts:


- Refurbishment of slurry tank and foundations at Queensland Cement's Darra Works in 1988.

- Replacement of frozen bridge bearings (while the bridge was still in use) for BHP at one of their Newcastle coal bunkers in 1988.

- Investigated and proposed a strategy to refurbish extensive concrete deterioration BHP's Port Kembla steel works.

- Incore together with Thiess won a $7 million contract to remove over 800m2 deteriorated concrete from reinforcement at Mount Newman's Wharf, Port Hedland using high pressure water demolition technology which Wolfgang Koenig brought from Germany


During the recession in the early nineties the concrete repair market shrank and Incore became inactive in the field but assisted in developing the Australian Concrete Repair Association (ACRA) and its "Guide to Concrete Repair and Protection".


CHANGES 1997 - 1998:

In the early nineties the business of Thiess Contractors had expanded rapidly in areas of mine management etc. and they decided to focus their resources there and to relinquish their 50% interest in Incore and their direct active interest in concrete Repair. Incore is now owned and run on a 50: 50 basis by Wolfgang Koenig and Noel Godson.



In it's new Configuration Incore is purely a consultancy and will only investigate and diagnose the cause of problems and then design specify and supervise repair works to remedy them, it will not execute the remediation. Incore's know how and twenty years plus of experience with both the materials and engineering of deteriorating structures and their remediation equips it to be of service to General Civil and Structural Engineering Consultancies, - Construction and Repair Contractors plus Asset Owners and Managers. Expert advice can also be provided for Solicitors and Loss Adjusters.






PERIOD - July 1993 to March 1998


EMPLOYER - Sika Australia Pty. Ltd. - Sydney



Sika Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sika Finanz AG of Baar, Switzerland (the holding company). Sika is the world's leading manufacturer of one component polyurethane sealants and adhesives for use in the construction and transportation industries. Sika also manufactures a comprehensive range of products for use in:


- underground construction and waterproofing, including PVC sheet waterproofing membranes, set accelerators and waterproofers for gunites and shotcretes, etc.

- Construction and refurbishment of civil infrastructure and buildings, including, concrete and mortar admixtures: cementitious grouts and repair mortars; epoxy resin grouts, mortars, adhesives, coatings and seamless floors; flexible jointing systems; protective coatings for architectural concrete and metal structures; sheet roofing membranes.


POSITION - Technical Director




Production, logistics, development and Quality Control Labs,

Safety Health & Environment Manager.

Managed the installation of the Quality System according to ISO 9002 to the point of accreditation 1993.

Managed the introduction and documentation of the Environmental Management System ISO 14001 prior to accreditation.

Introduced the International Chemical Industry's "Responsible Care Programme"

Manage the technical aspects of customer claims including dealings with Insurance Brokers, Underwriters Loss Adjusters and Lawyers.

Provided technical back up to laboratory, marketing and sales.




PERIOD - March 1, 1981 to June 31 1993


The turnover in 1980 was $280,000 and personnel comprised a General Manager, 2 salesmen and a bookkeeper. Progressively, accounting and other systems were installed and more staff hired. In 1982 I became Managing Director, turnover and profitability grew until by 1988 Sika was market leader in polyurethane sealants and adhesives, turnover was $7.3 million. Local production facilities were required and Sika relocated to Wetherill Park during 1988.

Mortar admixtures, cementitious mortars and grouts were produced first and in 1990 epoxy and other resinous products were produced. Locally produced products represent a significant part of today's turnover to the construction industry.




PERIOD - December 1978 to February 1981.



EMPLOYER - H. B. Fuller International (Australia) - Sydney.



A wholly owned subsidiary of H. B. Fuller, a large international adhesive and sealant manufacturer based in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.


POSITION - Technical Manager for Construction and Assembly Products.




To provide technical service to customers, the sales and production departments for the company's wide range of epoxy resin, hot melt, water-based and solvent-based adhesives and sealants. This included some local lab work and liaising with R & D functions in Minneapolis, Chicago and Grand Rapids.




PERIOD - February 1978 to November 1978.


EMPLOYER - Dimet Construction Products - Sydney.



Dimet Construction products was a division of Dimet, a company wholly owned by ACMIL. Dimet was formerly known as PGH Industries before being acquired by ACMIL. Dimet Construction Products took over Davis Fuller Adhesives, my previous employer, hence my change of employer.

The Construction Products Division manufactured and sold a broad range of sealants, adhesives and other chemical specialities into the construction of D.I.Y. markets.



POSITION - Product Manager, Construction Products.





To provide technical service to customers and the sales department. To liaise with R & D conduct market research and to assist in the formulation of marketing plans. To produce and maintain technical and promotional literature and point-of-sale aids.



PERIOD - January 1973 to October 1978


EMPLOYER - Davis Fuller Adhesives Pty. Ltd. - Sydney



Subsidiary of Davis Gelatine with a technical licensing agreement with H.B. Fuller of USA.


POSITIONS HELD - Product Manager - Sealants




PERIOD - February to December 1972



EMPLOYER -.Selleys Chemical Company - Sydney.



Owned at the time by Berger Paints and was the main supplier to hardware stores of handyman adhesives and sealants, etc. The Industrial Division had a licensing arrangement for sealant technology with products Research Corporation of California and was the exclusive Australian supplier of Down Corning Silicone sealants to the construction industry.


POSITION - Sealant Chemist




PERIOD - 1971. Casual work while travelling around Australia.


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